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Linux on an Acer N10 News

This page is deprecated. Torsten created a more shiny and updated page about running Linux on the N10: http://www.lst.de/~duwe/n10/.

Apr 6 2005: I'm working on a bootloader in order to boot Linux from the internal ROM, replacing WinCE completely. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as I thought. People with experience with XScale-bootloaders, please apply within.

Nov 25 2004: The 2.6 kernel is almost in a state in which all hardware is supported: we just got TS, buttons and sound working. Only CF needs some more debugging. As soon as we've finished that, I'll be building a new demo. I'll be posting patches to the 2.4.10 kernel then too so you can roll your own kernel.

Jun 22 2004: Not only for Linux users: A howto about how to solve the problem that the N10 resets upon inserting of certain IO CF-cards.

Jun 9 2004: Just for your info: The development of 2.6 still is on it's way. Only mmc currently is broken and sound and touchscreen are only partially working.

May 18 2004: Sortta revamped the webdesign. It should be a bit less cluttered now. Hope you like it.

May 17 2004: A better howto in HTML is up. See it here. I myself wrote a howto about how to add a serial port to the N10.

May 4 2004: Torsten Duwe sent me a howto about the cracking of the N10 case, including some nice piccies. These are just raw pics and text for now, improvements are on the way though.

Apr 15 2004: Finally put online the pics+files Juan Carlos sent me.

Apr 9 2004: Started developing on the 2.6 kernel, if this works I'll be abandoning the old 2.4 hack. Already requested a mach-type for it.

Apr 4 2004: Added some pics of the N10 internals.

Mar 31 2004: Hmmm. It could be that some N10s running PPC2003 have different sound hardware then N10s running PPC2.

Mar 30 2004: Got the Familiar distro (the iPaq 3900 variant) to work on the N10 (via NFS). It's 29 mb tho'... I might make an initrd out of it. Later. Strangely, Opie runs only in 2 orientations: one requires you to look at the PDA sideways (landscape) and one requires you to look at the PDA upside-down. Weird....

Mar 29 2004: Got the initrd to work. Now we have a kewl live-CD-like package for you to test on your N10.

Mar 28 2004: Restarted work on homepage. Still have to put a lot up.

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